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European food tours

Intrepid Travel’s food tours uncover authentic, mouth-watering gastronomic cultures designed to suit a range of budgets and time frames with bite-sized trips and gastronomic odysseys. By pairing the classic grassroots Intrepid travel style with a special food focus, their itineraries aim to really get you under the skin of the world's most exciting food cultures. It might be bottling your own wine in Spain, learning centuries old recipes over breakfast with a Jordanian shepherd or biking through a pistachio farm in Greece. Intrepid is keen to specifically talk about its European food tours which vary from well-known foodie destinations such as Southern Italy to the lesser recognised gastronomic cultures from Slovenia to the Balkans. The European food tours give access to experiences that wouldn't’t be accessible whilst travelling independently such as visiting local producers and eating with locals. They also open up new experiences that aren’t widely promoted from exploring Slovenia’s honey production where there are over 9,000 beekeepers to sampling Macedonia’s wines or a farmstay in Portugal’s Alentejo region. 

Thursday, 1 February, 2018 - 14:30
Intrepid Travel
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