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Pioneering the Breakaway States - Abkhazia, Nagorno Karabakh and Transnistria

Some of the most intriguing destinations are the breakaway-states; regions that have declared independence but aren’t yet formally recognised as a country. This presentation is about three Regent group tours in 2018 to Abkhazia, Nagorno Karabakh and Moldova which includes a visit to Transnistria. Why to visit and what you will see in these fascinating destinations. It will be delivered by the experts who put together these tours from scratch. Abkhazia Regent's Pioneering Abkhazia Group Tour departs in May 2018 and introduces curious travellers to Abkhazia, a Caucasus region to the west of Georgia, from its crumbling Soviet-era architecture to its remote mountainous regions and Black Sea coast. Nagorno Karabakh The landlocked mountainous region of Nagorno Karabakh is an ethnic Armenian enclave inside Azerbaijan that declared independence in 1992 – an independence recognised by no one except Transnistria, Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Despite decades of languishing as a breakaway Caucasus state of the former Soviet Union, the natural beauty and cultural richness of this isolated mountain landscape is undeniable. Transnistria On Regent's Undiscovered Moldova Group Tour, you will spend the day exploring Transnistria, a self-proclaimed independent republic inside Moldova, with its own currency, police force and border guards. Located 40 miles southeast of Chisinau in the Nistru Valley, the administrative capital, Tiraspol, is a living museum of Soviet culture. With a population of 200,000, the city has its share of Lenin statues and monuments such as a T-34 tank on a pedestal. Presentation with a video of Abkhazia followed by Q&A.

Friday, 2 February, 2018 - 11:45
Regent Holidays
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Carl Meadows - Senior Travel Specialist Andrea Godfrey - General Manager
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