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An Introduction to Astrotourism: Chasing Eclipses and other Celestial Wonders

In the past decade it has become popular to compile ‘bucket lists’ – those checklists of places we should visit, or experiences we would like to enjoy, during our lifetime. While the content of those lists varies, chasing solar eclipses is invariably up there! And as the next total eclipse visible from the UK occurs in 2090, those that want to witness one for themselves will need to travel to see it! Eclipses can occur anywhere around the globe and not always on well-trodden tourist trails… so travellers often find themselves in remote, unusual and exciting places where few tourists ever set foot! However, if you can’t wait for Chile in 2019, or Argentina in 2020, there are other celestial phenomena that are well worth organising your holiday around. As well as the upcoming options for viewing a total solar eclipse, Naturetrek’s astronomy expert David Phillips describes the drama of journeying north to the Arctic Circle to witness dynamic displays of the Northern Lights, and heading south to safari by day and star-gaze by night, under the famously dark Namibian skies.

Sunday, 4 February, 2018 - 13:30
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David Phillips - Operations & Astronomy Tour Manager, Naturetrek
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