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Beware of the Bugs


We’re a nation of travellers: in the UK, we make over 70 million trips abroad every year. And while we spend hours researching the best destinations, hottest nightspots and local activities, we barely stop to think about our health.

Less than half of us seek health advice before travelling. Most people visit their GP for travel health advice but less than 7% of practices offer a full travel health service, leaving many travellers unprepared for their journey.

Valneva’s Beware of the Bugs initiative:

  • Educates travellers about the need to seek travel health advice
  • Makes it easy for travellers to check their travel health risk
  • Connects travellers with local travel health specialists

Whether you’re planning the trip of a lifetime, jetting off on an exotic holiday or travelling for work, visit us on our stand or visit our website to get advice from the UK’s biggest network of clinics offering full travel health services.

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