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Historic Hotels - Keytel Int.


We are the officially-appointed UK representative for the Paradors of Spain and the preferred partner of the Pousadas of Portugal.

‘Paradors of Spain’ is the prestigious state-owned network of 96 hotels that have come to symbolise the country’s historical and cultural heritage. Over half are historical properties - restored and converted castles, palace and monasteries - whilst the remainder are traditional buildings, emblematic of the region and contemporary hotels in stunning locations. Since their inception in 1928, they have grown steadily in number and are something of which Spain is quite rightly very proud. It is widely acknowledged that the best way to experience the gastronomic delights of Spanish cuisine is to dine in the restaurants of the Paradors. The Paradors successfully uphold the traditions of authentic Spanish cooking whilst absorbing modern Spanish influences.

Portugal - 'Europe's last best-kept secret' - is proud of its history and traditions, many of which are associated with the Pousadas, the unique network of hotels that have opened up the fascinating cultural heritage of this diverse country, which are still majority owned by the state. Pousadas are strategically located across Portugal to allow visitors to discover so much of this wonderful country. They are ideal for stopovers, touring holidays and business trips, attracting tourism to each region and since the creation of the network in 1942, each Pousada has become synonymous with the history, culture and traditional cuisine of its particular region.