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Jules Verne


Jules Verne was founded in 1978 on the basis of one simple idea - to operate a train from London to Peking (Beijing) and thence to Hong Kong. In doing so the market to China was opened up at a time, remarkably, when the 'bamboo curtain' was still officially in place.

Further innovative train journeys were to follow and many travel firsts were also achieved including inaugural flights to previously inaccessible areas and the opening of remote border crossing points.

With over 35 years of experience, we offer worldwide, cultural tours encompassing long haul and short haul, weekends and expeditions, the conventional and the unexpected, a variety of themes and special interests - all underpinned by quality and value for money.

Destinations range from Norway to Italy, Cyprus to Russia, Jordan to Oman, Africa to India, China, Burma and Indochina, and The Americas.

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