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Leakey Safaris


LEAKEY SAFARIS provides the discerning visitor with a unique travel experience.  More than just a holiday, our tours give lasting insights into the extraordinarily diverse variety of endemic flora and fauna in Eastern Africa.                                      

As an East African family we are passionate about the preservation of wildlife and are profoundly concerned for the diminishing populations of increasingly rare and endangered species caused in many cases by the pressures on natural habitats in this region. Some of the iconic wildlife seen in Africa today may not exist in years to come: we are doing what we can to protect it, but we also want to share it while it is still with us.  


We have travelled extensively across the region and have carefully chosen itineraries that we know well and are 'not in the guide-book';  most importantly they focus on a number of endangered species - gorillas, African wild dogs, elephants, rhinos, Ethiopian red wolves - all of which live in our region.  With the option of an experienced guide, you can experience the wonders of these threatened animals in their natural environments.  We have also included visits to the world's largest lava lake - in Eastern Congo - and the extraordinarily beautiful and historical Ethiopian rock churches.  


Our tours are based on groups of 8 travelling on specified dates over the next year.




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Richard Leakey
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