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Malawi Tourism


In 2017 Malawi completed the largest elephant translocaiton in human history. Assisted by no less than Prince Harry, the transformaiton of Malawi's wildlife reserves being undertaken will result in Malawi becoming probably the most complete destiantion in Africa. It is the unique combination of Stunning Landscapes, Beautiful Lakeshore Beaches, Rich Culture and now Thrilling Wildlife Safaris that make this country a place of memories, discovery, and excitement. A true hidden gem, where else can you view the big five, water ski, snorkel and scuba dive in a freshwater inland sea, interact with local communities full of warm and friendly people, go mountain biking, kayaking or trekking, climb a 10,000ft mountain and laze on remote white sand beaches - all in a country the size of England? This small yet beautifully varied and welcoming country remains uncrowded with tourists, allowing visitors to experience a majestic and authentic African experience unlike anywhere else on the continent.

Safe and friendly, Malawi offers visitors a fascinating variety of sights and experiences. The diversity of landscapes, its huge lake (an inland, freshwater sea surrounded by golden sand beaches) and the national parks and reserves provide the foundation for the unrivalled choice of water sports, outdoor activities and safaris, whether it be by 4x4, boat, foot or even horseback. 

But perhaps its greatest asset is its people. Friendly and welcoming, every visitor is met with a smile, and the warmth of the welcome is genuine and long lasting – reinforcing Malawi’s well deserved ‘warm heart of Africa’ title. 

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