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With fun, adventurous overland trips you can travel the world, make life-long friends and see stunning areas of Africa, South America, Europe and Asia as well as explore individual countries like Pakistan, Peru, Bolivia, Morocco, Egypt and Jordan. This is your chance to see the world and take the first step toward what will be a life changing experience.

Here are just a few of the unique and incredible destinations we cover:

Cameroon: Forge your way through the dense rainforest of West Africa on our UK to Cape Town overland expedition.

Iran: Discover the rich and varied history and cultures of this emerging detination on an epic 11 week Bishkek to Istanbul journey also travelling through Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Turkey.

Kyrgyzstan: Camp out in the wilderness and see some of the most beautiful views that the Silk Road has to offer on a 15-day Kyrgyzstan Overland adventure.

Morocco: Explore the famous Imperial Cities of Morocco and join a camel trek across the dunes of the Sahara to a Berber Camp, all in only 10 days.

Peru and Bolivia: Experience the iconic higlights of these Andean countries and also discover some lesser-known highlights, such as camping in the Ica Desert and visiting the Amazon rainforest in Bolivia, all with our local guides on a 34-day Peru and Bolivia Encompassed Regional Explorer trip!

French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana: We are excited to introduce these three new countries to our South America overland expeditions.  Largely unknown and certainly off the ‘Gringo Trail’, each country is small but punches well above its weight with pristine tropical coastline, unspoilt rainforests and quirky, characteristic cities.  Discover them on our 57-day Rio to Manaus overland adventure.

Zimbabwe: Abundant wildlife, adrenaline activities, rich and fertile landscapes. Feel the mist of the 'Smoke That Thunders' above Victoria Falls during a 75-day Grand Adventurer journey from Nairobi to Cape Town.

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