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Remote Medical Support


Remote Medical Support is a fully licensed medical group dedicated to offering medical support and advice for members based in remote environments all over the world.

Our members have access to:

  • Telephone/Online Medical Support
  • Photo Diagnostic Service
  • Referrals to private medical specialists in the UK
  • Telephone counselling
  • Online counselling
  • Face to face counselling in the UK
  • Medical Compliance with BS8848 and EPA standards
  • Medical Vetting and First Aid Kit Supply (incl. POMs)

Because every member has different needs and requirements, there are many options and services to choose from when subscribing. Clients are given an individual service package, and the commitment to members continues throughout the working relationship, with individual account managers and 24-hour customer support that is second to none. Go to our website and click on the red "Click Here for a Free Quote" button to have a quote tailored for your specific needs.

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Douglas Sehsuvaroglu
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