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The Small Cruise Ship Collection


At The Small Cruise Ship Collection, we only do small ship cruises -  Our smallest 'ship' carries just 8 people - The largest around 250. Most carry 40-100 passengers, and this has many advantages.

• Nooks and crannies. Small ships can reach the parts larger ships cannot. Whether this is a bay full of penguins in Antarctica, a small village in Papua New Guinea, a pristine reef in Fiji or a known Polar bear haunt, larger ships can't access these nooks.
• More personable. On a small ship, you will get to know the passengers, the captain and crew. It is strange, but true, that it is much easier to meet people when there are fewer of them!
• Rules and regulations. On cruises to Antarctica no more than 100 passengers can go ashore. If your ship carries 150, or 300, either someone misses out or you have to wait your turn! Many of the ports visited on small ship cruises to Croatia are only accessible to small ships, larger vessels are not permitted into port.
• Small villages. If you are visiting a small village in Cuba,Greek Islands or Papua New Guinea, they will welcome a visit from 40-50 people, but 600? 3000? Just not feasible.
• Queues. What are they?

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