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Swaziland Tourism


Comfortably nestled between South Africa and Mozambique, Swaziland offers an array of beautiful landscape and varied attractions, warranting it as much more than merely a place to stop overnight. Rich culture, stunningly varied scenery and great game viewing are all on offer in this compact, friendly and safe destination.

With the exception of desert and sea, every geographical feature of Africa’s terrain is found within Swaziland; magnificent mountain scenery with rivers, waterfalls and gorges; unique rock formations which are among the world’s most ancient; lush and fertile valleys, plus typical African bush. Parks and Reserves are spread across the country with Swaziland boasting the impressive Big Five, many endangered species and astounding birdlife. Safari experiences vary depending on how you want to experience Swaziland’s amazing landscape, but one truly un-missable experience is a safari on foot to view rhino – a species Swaziland is world renowned for protecting. All this in such a tiny country means that, unlike its neighbours, a truly mixed experience can be had during even a short visit; from zip-lining in the north, hiking in the south, to game viewing in the lowveld!

As one of the few monarchies left in Africa, Swaziland embraces and upholds its own unique and ancient traditions which are carefully guarded, and faithfully celebrated. Colourful national dress and vibrant singing and dancing are part of daily life, with world renowned, traditional ceremonies such as the Umhlanga (Reed Dance) and Incwala attracting visitors from across the globe, year on year. You can experience a traditional Swazi lifestyle and its rich cultural history during any visit, with a number of community-run tourism initiatives set up across the country. 2018 will be a year of fabuolous celebration as both the country and its King celebrate 50th birthdays! It will be 50 years since Swaziland gained its independence as well as King Mswati III reaching his half century, and teh 50-50 celebrations promise to be the experience of a lifetime.

With excellent lodges and accommodation located in serene and picturesque locations, and an ever increasing number of tour operators now offering Swaziland itineraries, the Swazi experience should be firmly on the agenda of both seasoned African travellers and first time ‘safariers’ alike.

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