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Holiday of the Week: Beautiful Bulgaria

Company Name: Classic Car Holidays

Name of trip: Beautiful Bulgaria

Destination: Touring the best of Bulgaria

Length of trip: 7 days

Trip Highlights:
Beautiful Bulgaria begins in the capital, Sofia. Its fascinating history and accessible centre, with hip bars, restaurants, and iconic architecture, offers a tantalising glimpse into the richness and diversity included in our self-drive Trabant tour. 

Our second day takes us via the dramatic limestone Devetashka Caves (used in the movie The Expendables II), to the stunning ancient capital, Veliko Tarnovo. After exploring its cobbled streets and an imposing fortress, we stay the night taking in its vibrant evening culture. 

Days three and four see us moving on to the UNESCO site of the Madara Rider and the authentically Bulgarian town of Tryavna. Both locations are relatively undiscovered and yet so tourist friendly. Knee trembling vistas, along with quaint souvenir shop lined streets give us a contrasting couple of days in Bulgaria’s tranquil interior.  

Our fifth day is a driving treat and photographers dream. We traverse the Shipka mountain pass in our Trabbies, and soak up panoramas of both North and South Bulgaria from atop. Brutalist Buzludzha perches improbably on its peak and is a truly unique monument to Communist excess. 

Our sixth and final day of touring brings us to UNESCO Plovdiv. With its unparalleled historical quarter, great bars and restaurants and buzzy atmosphere, its title of European City of Culture 2019 is well deserved. Plovdiv is the perfect place for our final night before returning to Sofia for fond farewells. 

All tours are fully supported with hosts and mechanics. All you have to do is arrive and enjoy.  


Cost of the trip: £745 inclusive of accommodation, fuel and vehicle

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