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Exhibitors in Focus: Dragoman

How did Dragoman Overland Travel begin as a company?

Dragoman started in 1981 when George Durie and Charlie Hopkinson started running pioneering trips through the Middle East and Africa. This was the early days of commercial vehicle based overlanding and the forerunner for the adventurous tours we run today.


What tours do you offer?

We offer overland tours in custom built trucks that operate in South America, North America, Africa, Central and South East Asia. We specialise in long epic trips that are divided in to manageable sections allowing anyone to join us for a few weeks or many months.


What makes Dragoman different to other tour operators?

Dragoman is unique in the depth and quality of its itineraries. Based on extensive knowledge our trips are designed to get the very best out of all the places we visit by allowing enough time to soak up the local culture and atmosphere. No one else has the same variety of trips and number of departures as Dragoman. We really do have something for everyone.


What’s new for 2016?

As we do every year, we are introducing many new trips, including a loop of Nepal that focuses on home stays and heritage visits to local communities, new trips in Bhutan and India and then in South America, more new itineraries that visit Uruguay, Bolivia and more. We also hope to be going back to one of our most loved destinations - Iran. Sign up to the newsletter to be kept informed of developments here.


Can you recommend us a place to stay?

There are hundreds of amazing places to stay but how about a tent in the grounds of a remote monastery in Myanmar or perhaps a jungle lodge in Ecuador. If not that maybe a home stay in India or a comfortable hotel in Turkmenistan. We have them all.

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