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Top Tips: Exaggerate the rule of thirds... to show scale

In the third of our new series of top photography tips, professional photographer and host of our Travel Photography Masterclasses Steve Davey shares how to exaggerate the rule of thirds to show scale.

"Most photographers have heard of the rule of thirds, that states that you shouldn't place an object or a horizon in the middle of the frame, but should put it on one of the imaginary lines that would divide the picture into three equal parts. This is a good enough rule, and works with both horizontal and vertical thirds, but as with all rules, it should be broken at will!

Exaggerating the rule of thirds and placing the subject at the very edge of the frame need not just be a visual device. It can be a very effective way to show the scale of something. Fill the frame with the thing that you want show, which will maximise its size. Then place the scale object, person, vehicle or in this case a boat - at the very edge of the frame, so the large object looms over it."

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Steve Davey  is a photographer and writer, whose work has appeared all over the World. He is the author of Footprint Travel Photography - the leading guide to travelling with a camera. More information