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Top Tips: Shoot with a wideangle lens so you can get closer to the action

In the final part of our series of top photography tips, professional photographer and host of our Travel Photography Masterclasses Steve Davey encourages you to shoot with a wideangle lens so you can get closer to the action.

The great war photographer Robert Capa famously used to say that if you pictures weren't good enough, then you weren't close enough. This is so true: if you shoot close to your subject then you will usually create more engaged and exciting pictures. This is the same whether you are photographing people, or a crazy festival like the Burning Barrels at Ottery St Mary (pictured above). The thing to remember is that the person looking at the picture will have a similar experience to the one you had when you were taking it. So if you were feeling bored and distant: so will they be. If you were feeling excited and engaged, then there is a good chance that they will have the same response to your picture!

Often if you are going to stand close to something then you will need to use a wideangle lens, or the wide setting on your camera zoom to fit it all in. This can give a slight distortion which adds to dynamic feeling in the picture. The other advantage of getting in close is that you don't have the back of people heads in the picture; or worse, a sea of camera-phone screens!

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Steve Davey  is a photographer and writer, whose work has appeared all over the World. He is the author of Footprint Travel Photography - the leading guide to travelling with a camera. More information on