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Lucy Thackray, Commissioning Editor for The Sunday Times Travel Magazine

For cities, New York never disappoints (and on the contrary, always surprises me with something fabulous and new that I never thought I'd end up doing). It's the sheer choice of places to eat, stay, neighbourhoods to wander, plus a slightly rough and ready vibe, still - and it's an incredibly friendly place to travel solo.

In terms of countries, Japan just has that 'wow' factor, really beyond anything I'd pictured. Tokyo was far more traditional and charming in places than you'd expect; the rural scenery is beautiful and unspoilt; and there are plenty of pockets where only locals holiday at present, so you can really go and immerse yourself in the culture. It's safe, people are friendly and helpful, and everything just works.

After the talk. The Sunday Times Travel Magazine Editors will be signing copies of 200 Amazing Places at the Signings at Stanfords stand.

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